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Movies For Good Thoughts

I first got the idea for creating The Good Thought when I had a dream that I was in a movie theater. In the movie theater, two movies were playing at the same time. On one screen, was a movie full of beautiful nature scenes, dolphins and whales frolicking, and beautiful music playing.


On the other screen, was an adventure movie with a lot of violence. My chair could swivel between the two screens. I noticed that most of the people in theater were avidly watching the adventure movie. I also noticed that the screen on that movie was brighter and that the sound was louder.


When I awoke, I realized how disturbing that we watch scenes of murder and violence every day for entertainment. How we’ve become immune to these acts. The thing is our subconscious knows no difference between what we watch on television and what actually happens to us in real life.


Have you noticed how when you watch something scary on televison, your heart still pounds as if it’s really happening? No wonder we feel so much stress and anxiety. And, these feelings didn’t even originate with us!


I highly recommend that you try watching movies with violence and see what happens to your stress level. You can look for nonviolent movies at sites like And, if you have suggestions for movies with postive themes that make you feel good, please comment below.

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