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How To Think Good Thoughts


We all want to think good thoughts. But, keeping the mind from becoming a runaway train can be hard. A few bad things happen in our lives, and it’s hard to see the good things that are around us. We quickly change our focus to one of expecting things to go wrong or believing that everything around us is dismal and hopeless.


Yet, what happens when we shift our thinking? When we decide that we are in control of our minds, and we refuse to let it convince us that everything is going to hell in a handbasket? What happens when we shift our thinking to seeing the good in others instead of their flaws?


What happens when we shift our thinking about ourselves from thoughts of criticism to thoughts of being our own ally and friend? And, how can we shift things when we use our thoughts and intentions to manifest a better world around us? Here are some ways to shift your thinking to help create a better world for yourself and others today.


How To Think Good Thoughts

1. Feed Your Mind Good Food

Our body isn’t the only thing that needs good food to survive. Our minds need nourishment, too. What are you feeding your mind? Do you surround yourself with negative people and nourish yourself with their complaints and gossip. Do you listen to music with angry words or with unrealistic ideas of love? Do you watch violent movies?


All of the things that you surround yourself with are feeding your mind. Start paying attention to these things. Listen to music with positive messages and start watching things that are uplifting. Your mind will start to crave these things, and I promise, you will notice a difference in your thoughts.


2. Try Reverse Meditation

Our subconscious is full of thoughts, and they aren’t always positive. I like to do what I call reverse meditation to observe what’s really going on in my mind. Instead of trying to have no thought, I pay close attention to the thoughts and emotions that show up. So many times, we try to distract ourselves from our thoughts with alcohol, food, sex, drugs, shopping, or whatever other addictions we’ve put in place to take us away from our true selves.


This kind of meditation will show you what thoughts you are having and allow you to sit with them. I then like to meet these thoughts with my mind. I use love to love myself for the thoughts I’m having, and when I do this, I notice that my negative thoughts will transform to better ones just because I have met them fully.


3. Pay Attention To Your Focus

You will always attract more of what you decide to focus on. If you look for negative things, more negative things will definitely show up. When you focus on the good, like a magnet, you attract even more good.


For example, if you think about how you can’t seem to find love, you send out a signal to the Universe that you can’t find love, and that’s usually what will show up. Instead, a better thought would be to look at all the love that is already in your life, and send appreciation for it. When we appreciate the good things in our lives, more of them usually show up. We really do create with our thoughts.



4. Realize That You Choose Your Emotions

The biggest shift in my life happened when I realized that no one else or nothing else can cause me to feel anything. I can actually choose what I feel. It took some focus to learn not to use habitual patterns to react to what happens to me. I now choose to respond instead of reacting.


I’ve learned that positive emotions serve me much better than negative ones. I can choose to feel acceptance instead of fighting against what is. I can turn my nervousness into anticipation. My close mindedness into curiosity and my anger into forgiveness.



5. Feel Gratitude

It’s very easy in our lives to focus on what’s lacking and to complain about what we don’t have. But, if we feel gratitude for the good things in our life, we will life our mood very quickly. It’s very hard to feel sorry for ourselves when we count all the blessings that we do have in our lives.

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